Planning Committee Co-Chairs
         Bruce Heilman     
         Becky Blacketer Milligan
         Bob Shaw
         Mark Wellman

         Committee Members    
         Becky Moore Ayers
         Kristine Bartley
         ​Dee Bodin
         Carolyn Cook Bodin
         Marilynn Rutherford Cedarstrom
         Bill Haakinson
         Neil Henderson
         Jon Hoak
         Debie McClain Iverson
         Vickie Deremiah Loomis
         Tina Manbeck
         Marcia Moritz
         Doug Rhodes
         Jim Russell
         Sue Dreher Schuchat
         Barb Robinson Sherman
         Jim Spevak
         Lila Porter Stafford
         Sue Webster
         Jackie Wellman (computer assistance)
         Heidi Hermann Bagg (advisor class of 66)
         Barb Berven  (advisor class of 66)

Classmate Search Committee Co-Chairs
          Becky Moore Ayers 
          Susan Dreher Schuchat
          Bob Shaw

          Search Committee Members
          Kathy Andriano Narber
          Vicki Jones Roberts
          Jan Scarff Sachs 
          Trudi Bringenberg Holst
          Deborah Lynn        ​
          Carolyn Cook Bodin
          Lonnee Craig Martin
          Lea Small Tatar
          Debi McClain Iverson
          Cathy Grovenburg
          Tina Manbeck
          Bruce Smith
          Anne O'Neil

Website Administrators
          Becky Moore Ayers  -   Design/Content 
          Susan Dreher Schuchat  -   Design/Content/Classmate List

          Memorial Page Manager
          Jan Scarff Sachs
          Photo Manager
          Cathy Abramson Auble
Event Committee Co-Chairs

          Lila Porter (Saturday Evening Event)
          Mark Wellman (Golf)
          Bruce Heilman/Mark Welman (Friday Mixer)

Special Events
​          Kristine Bartley (Saturday Night "People" Video)
​          Jon Hoak, Mark Wine, Becky Ayers  (Saturday Night Kick-off Video)

Fund Raising Co-Chairs
   Jon Hoak
           Mark Wine

Bruce Heilman
           Jim Russell
Special thanks to  Heidi Herman Bagg and Barb Bervan (both from the Class of '66) and Jackie Wellman (Class of '83) for the support and guidance they provided our Committee!
It's not too late to be part of this awesome committee.  There's still plenty of fun to go around. And, you don't need to live in Des Moines to help. Just Contact Us.