We are very close to our $10,000 goal!  Much of this will be used to absorb expenses of the weekend that weren't covered in ticket sales and also our gift to Roosevelt.  The committee will post a financial report and details about our gift to Roosevelt, once it is complete!  Thank you to everyone!
$6700!  That's our goal, and you can help us reach it.  Right here. Right now with $5 or more.  If you can't come, consider donating to help Roosevelt and those class members who need assistance to participate.
Why donate?
  • To give a special class gift to Roosevelt.
  • Help pay for an open bar, a DJ, or something else to keep ticket costs low. 
  • Contribute to a general fund to help pay for costs such as postage and this website.
How to donate -
  • PayPal.  Log in to Paypal.  Choose make a payment (friends and family) to 67TRHS1@gmail.com.  If you pay with credit/debit card, there is a transaction fee.  When you pay from your bank account, there are NO FEES. The money will be transferred to our Reunion bank account.with no fees.  (If you're not registered on PayPal, you'll need to create an account.)
  • Check.  Make payable to Bruce Heilman/TRHS'67.  Send to 7031 Oak Brook Drive, Urbandale, Iowa 50322.  
  • Credit card.  Follow the steps below. There is a transaction fee when using this function. Funds will be transferred into our reunion bank. 
Thank you to the following classmates for generously helping us toward our goal!  If you have made a donation and do not see your name below, please contact us.  Thank you again!

Bruce Heilman
Jim Spevak
Bob Shaw
Marilyn (Rutherford) Cedarstrom
Jim Russell
Tina Manbeck
Vicky (Deremiah) Loomis
Jon Hoak
Tom Toye
Bill Haakinson
Debie (McClain) Iverson
Randy Groff
Jill Bayer Hagerman
Robert Jurgensen
Lea Small Tatar
John Clark
Tom Cebuhar
​Jan Miller Corran
Mark Wine
​John Snyder
Barb Sherman
Jesse Denman
Deb Backman
Neil Henderson
Craig Denny
Bruce Smith
Anne O'Neil Johnson
Cathy Grovenburg
Marshall Greene
Rose Greeley Rennekamp  
Nancy Petefish Sortino  
Dave Beveridge
Arnie Engman
Scott Kirkpatrick 
Gail Ash George
​Bob Lydon
Steve White
Pete Woltz
Cindy Hawn Woltz
Allan Carlson
Paul Easter
​Trudi Conkling
Cynthia Marshall
Randy Russell
Fred Miller
Jane Fogg
Linda Morse
Linda Moon Fredrick
​William Parker
Jim Hall
John Greer 
Ed Loeb

Frank Coppola
Dave Lettween
Carol Schwarzenegger Friedman
Kathy Dean Vermillion
David Stark
Randy Stephenson
Jim Forrest
Steve Quiner 
Trudi Bringenberg Holst
Ann Singer
Carla Carter Sandahl
Becky Blacketer Milligan 
Caroel Rogoff Kurtz
Sue Rood 
Bill Parker
Jean Eischen Srour
Tim White
Mike Smith
Dixie Olson
​Jean Teigland
Michael Roper

If you have questions please contact our amazing fund-raising cochairs, Jon Hoak (JonHoak@gmail.com) or Mark Wine (wpwineca@gmail.com).
If you want to send us a letter . click here
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Total Collected$ 9,974

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Goal: $ 6,700
Total Collected:
$ 9,974

Recent Contributors

Dixie Olson Date Received: 08/15/2017
Mike Smith Date Received: 08/5/2017
Jean Teigland Date Received: 08/4/2017
Michael Roper Date Received: 07/31/2017
Becky Blacketer Milligan Date Received: 07/30/2017
Carla Carter Sandahl Date Received: 07/30/2017
Carol Rogoff Kurtz Date Received: 07/30/2017
Bill Parker Date Received: 07/30/2017
Sue Rood Date Received: 07/30/2017
Jean Eischen Stout Date Received: 07/30/2017
Ann Singer Date Received: 07/30/2017
Jim Forrest Date Received: 07/30/2017
Trudi Bringenerg Holst Date Received: 07/30/2017
Carol Schwarzenegger Friedman Date Received: 07/30/2017
Frank Coppola Date Received: 07/30/2017
Kathy Dean Vermillion Date Received: 07/30/2017
David Stark Date Received: 07/30/2017
Steve Quiner Date Received: 07/30/2017
Randy Stephenson Date Received: 07/30/2017
Dave Lettween Date Received: 07/30/2017
William Parker Date Received: 07/5/2017
Jim Morse Date Received: 06/26/2017
Linda Morse Date Received: 06/26/2017
Jim Hall Date Received: 06/26/2017
Jane Fogg Date Received: 06/25/2017
Fred Miller Date Received: 06/23/2017
Randy Russell Date Received: 06/16/2017
David Hoogenakker Date Received: 06/12/2017
GL Trudi Conkling Date Received: 06/6/2017
Allan C. Carlson Date Received: 06/1/2017
Dennis Thorp Date Received: 05/21/2017
Cindy Woltz Date Received: 05/19/2017
Peter Woltz Date Received: 05/19/2017
Gail Ash George Date Received: 05/17/2017
Scott Kirkpatrick Date Received: 05/16/2017
Arnold Engman Date Received: 05/16/2017
Dave Beveridge Date Received: 05/16/2017
Nancy Petefish Sortino Date Received: 05/16/2017
Rose (Greeley) Rennekamp Date Received: 05/16/2017
Cathy Grovenburg Date Received: 05/16/2017
Marshall Greene Date Received: 05/16/2017
Anne O'Neil Johnson Date Received: 04/20/2017
Unnamed Donors Date Received: 04/20/2017
David Eveland Date Received: 04/20/2017
Jesse (Rick) Denman Date Received: 04/20/2017
Bruce Smith Date Received: 04/20/2017
John Snyder Date Received: 04/20/2017
Steve White Date Received: 03/11/2017
Barb Sherman Date Received: 03/11/2017
Craig Denny Date Received: 03/11/2017
Marcia Moritz Date Received: 03/11/2017
Deb Backman Date Received: 03/11/2017
Janice Corran Date Received: 03/3/2017
Mark Wine Date Received: 02/13/2017
Janice Corran Date Received: 09/18/2016
John Clark Date Received: 09/14/2016
Lea (Small)Tatar Date Received: 09/11/2016
Robert Jurgensen Date Received: 09/9/2016
Jill Hagerman Date Received: 09/9/2016
Randy Groff Date Received: 09/1/2016