August 4, 2017
Dear Fellow Riders!

​We are excited to announce that, after all of our reunion bills were paid, our awesome Class of '67 was able to donate $4200 to the TRHS Foundation.  We know this gift will be put to great use at Roosevelt!
Wishing you health, happiness, laughter, peace, love, prosperity, pupgentle rains, rock'n'roll, a warm beach, starry nights, good friends (old and new) and everything wonderful for now and forever.
Go Riders!
Your 50th Reunion Committee

NOTE:  If you want to contact a classmate, look up that person's name and see if that person has provided an option to email him or her thru this website.  If not, please Contact Us with the name of the person you want to reach and we will forward your request to that person.

We want to give each classmate the option to keep his/her email address private.  But we're happy to pass any message along so your classmate can get back to you directly.


Our 50th Reunion has come and gone, but the impressions of the weekend will remain for a long time.  

The reunion gave us the opportunity to renew old friendships and make new connections with classmates we didn't know in high school. 

​This website will be up and running at least until June 2018, so if you have reflections on our reunion or something to share, please contact us.

If you have reflections about our 50th Reunion or other news you'd like to share, please "Contact Us."    
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